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Shannon Rasmussen named Board Director for the NBPTS

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Last fall, Puget Sound EA President Shannon Rasmussen was named Board Director to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) board. WEA reached out to her to celebrate her accomplishment and to learn more about her National Board journey and what she does as a NBPTS Board Director. Here is her response.

“I often go to Olympia to lobby legislators. When I was the local president of Federal Way, I would find it frustrating when I was asked if I was a classroom teacher, as if my working with all educators on a daily basis had no value in understanding our profession. Then, when I went back to the classroom, I was excited to lobby because I could say that I was in the classroom; the question I then was asked was whether I was National Board certified. Again, I found that frustrating because I knew my students and was asking for action to assist them.

“So, my path towards National Board certification was different than most; I was motivated by the desire to finally be trusted by legislators. (It is important to note that I never believed that it was necessary to have my certification in order to understand the needs of my students and school community, but if it changed the perception of others, I was willing to attempt this journey.)

“The process of pursuing National Board certification was one of the most positive experiences I have had in my growth as a teacher. I always heard from some candidates that the year they pursued National Board certification was one of their worst for teaching. I simply did not find that to be true. I tried so many new things during that year so that I could meet the various standards. So, when I was selected to be on the governing board of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, I was extremely honored. 

“My hope is to make certification manageable and accessible to more teachers. I also would like to see more National Board certified teachers involved in union work. I still do not believe that a teacher needs to be an NBCT to be effective – far from it – but having NBCTs involved in union work gives perspective to a segment of our teaching force.”  

According to NBPTS, “The National Board is governed by a 29-member board of directors, the majority of whom are National Board Certified Teachers and teaching professionals. The other directors include a former state commissioner of education, school board leaders, higher education officials, union leaders, and community leaders.”

“Our responsibilities as Board of Directors,” Rasmussen adds, “are to provide financial oversight, strategize about marketing and recruitment, provide input about initiatives, and generally oversee the operations of the National Board.”

Thank you, Shannon Rasmussen, for representing our members in your work as Board Director for NBPTS, and in your constant advocacy through WEA.

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