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Small and/or Rural Locals Grants

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Grants announcements
Applications will close on March 8, 2019.

WEA is offering several grants to Small/Rural Locals with 150 or fewer members this year. Both the Membership Engagement Grant and Local Release Tim Grant are only reimbursable to active WEA members. If your local is a recipient, WEA's expectation is that your local adjust the dues structure to enable continuation of the local's goals and programs. Grants may be used for bargaining training but are not applicable for WEA or NEA Representative Assemblies.

Small/Rural Local Member Engagement Grant
Up to 25 member engagement grants ($1,500 each) will be distributed to cover expenses for various association activities. The purpose of the grant is to promote membership involvement by small rural local affiliates to support local members, and to build a stronger local.

Small/Rural Local Release Time Grant
WEA is offering release time grants to 30 small/rural locals. This grant will cover expenses for eight substitute release days for the local president or designee (up to $1,500 to each local). Priority will be given to locals that are working on a plan to increase member engagement.

All grant applications must be received by March 8. Please note that applications will be reviewed as they are received. Priority will be given to first-time applicants; however, previous recipients are encouraged to apply.

To apply for the Membership Engagement Grant or Local Release Time Grant, please click here.

Please note that these grants are reimbursement grants. Local unions will be reimbursed for actual expenses. If you have questions, please contact Stacy Noah.

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