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Strong union contracts protect professionalism

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Matt Tilden
Vashon Education Association member Matt Tilden says a strong union contract allows us to hold one another accountable to high professional standards.

Matt Tilden, a high school social studies teacher, used to teach in Nashville, TN. One of the many differences he says he enjoys in a strong union state is that his day-to-day working conditions are better. Teaching in a state with collective bargaining protects the professionalism of being an educator in our public schools, he says 

Matt appreciates his teaching contract because he no longer has to constantly lose his daily planning time to meetings scheduled by administrators or others which is something he had to do in Tennessee regularly. 

As a third-year teacher, Matt made it a priority to serve on his union executive committee because he feels very lucky being part of a strong union and he wants to make sure he has a part in keeping it that way.  

“I belong because it’s important for us to hold one another to a high professional standard and being a union member allows us to do that.” 

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