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Teachers here have a voice. There they didn’t.

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I belong Eileen Rae Ethridge

Eileen Rae Ethridge, Kent EA member, remembers what life was like in Colorado. There, she could choose if she wanted to be a union member or not.

“When other people spoke about the union, they said they were a bunch of trouble makers who just bargained the salary schedule,” says Eileen. “I was told nobody joined.”

As working conditions continued to decline, she witnessed “out-of-control class sizes” and mandatory Saturday meetings.

Eileen eventually sought out states she could teach and, also belong to a strong union.

“I landed in Washington state,” she says. “It was so different. Teachers here have a voice. There they didn’t. You don’t realize the power of collective voice until you have it. The WEA continues to help me become a better teacher.”

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