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Federal Way educator honored for diversity and inclusion advocacy

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Shannon McCann
Federal Way EA President Shannon McCann.

Congratulations to Federal Way EA President Shannon McCann, who was recently awarded the “Carol Watchler Award” at the LGBTQ Caucus meeting at the NEA Representative Assembly in Minneapolis. This is an award given to individuals who fight to end injustice and prejudice based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

McCann received the award for her never-ending energy to make sure that LGBTQ educators have a place and a voice in their union, and that LGBTQ students have safe gathering spaces at school. She led the development of WEA LGBTQ Community Coalition, bringing together community organizations to introduce members to resources for their classrooms. She has organized a WEA contingent to march in the Seattle Pride parade for the past three years and has been a strong union leader, serving as a member of both the WEA and NEA Board of Directors.

McCann's activisim and ommitment to justice, however, extends beyond the LGBTQ community. She often can be found talking to educators, elected officials and others in the labor community about the importance of civil rights for all people regardless of race, religion, or immigrant status.

The award is named after a courageous leader from New Jersey who has championed the civil rights of LGBTQ educators, students and others for over 30 years.

In addition to the LGBTQ Caucus, WEA members can join the following groups as another way to find community and share their voice:

  • NEA/WEA Educators’ Black Caucus
  • WEA Badass Teacher Caucus
  • WEA GLBT Caucus
  • WEA Hispanic Caucus
  • WEA Native American Caucus

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