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College Financial Aid: More Funds for More Students

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Check out our flyers about the Washington College Grant that you can download and share with students, available in several languages. 

Learn more about the Washington College Grant below

If you are a high school educator, chances are you know students who would like to pursue more education after high school, but can't afford it. Now there's help for them. 

The new Washington College Grant (formerly the State Need Grant) offers more money to more students than ever before. 

Because of new rules, and funding, provided by the legislature, Washington’s college financial aid program has changed for the better. If a student is eligible for funds, they will receive them. No more waiting lists.

And, the funds can be used for a variety of post-high school education, including two year schools, four year schools and trade and technical schools. Visit this page to find out which schools are on the list

The Washington College Grant is exactly that – a grant, not a loan -- so students don’t need to pay it back. Students can combine the grant with other state and federal aid, to cover a significant portion of all education-related expenses, not just tuition.

Learn about Washington College Grant eligibility requirements.

To receive a grant, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA form) form, or, if immigration status prevents them from filling out the federal form, they can fill out the state WASFA form. Both are available here

Find additional information about applying and planning for college and where there are events for students and families to get help applying for college and financial aid.  

As a high school educator who talks with students about their post-graduation plans, you can make all the difference for your students and their future. As such, we wanted to let you know about expanded opportunities for Washington students to receive financial aid. 

Please talk with your students about these new opportunities, which will be especially helpful for students and families who think more education and training is out of reach for financial reasons.  

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