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ESSA draft plan needs educator input

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They’re baaaack. OSPI has hosted three community meetings and has one upcoming webinar to review its draft recommendations on how to replace No Child Left Behind, the failed federal education plan. 

The webinar is Monday, Nov. 28, 6–8 p.m. Register (required)

This is potentially your last chance to weigh in to the process to update our state plan. Please attend and make sure to tell OSPI:

  • Reduce our state’s continued heavy emphasis on high stakes standardized tests
  • Focus on identifying the proper inputs (resources) not just outputs (test results). 
  • We can no longer ignore the fact that our schools are chronically and constitutionally underfunded. The result is we label students as failing instead of taking accountability for a system that fails to properly support our students.
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities ESSA provides to incorporate educator and parent input into the plan’s development.

If you can't attend a meeting you can still provide feedback to OSPI. Please take the opportunity to share your opinions with OSPI. 

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