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Giving students the tools they need to be successful

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Sue Nightingale, Bellevue College, Marine Biology and Oceanography professor, spoke with us about her joy in education.

“I love teaching at the community college because most of the students I have in my classrooms are students who maybe aren't 100% ready for the four-year college experience. They need a little assistance. They have all the skills that they need. They just don't know how to apply them yet, or they aren't using them a hundred percent of the time. So, what I really enjoy about teaching at community college is giving students the tools that they need to be successful and to be able to manage at any college, anywhere. Because for students that come to Bellevue -- with very little educational prowess -- by the time they're done at Bellevue, they transfer to the four-year college of their desires. And, I find that just delightful and remarkable!”

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