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LaVasha Murdoch

December is one of the hardest months for new educators. It’s true. There is a cycle to the school year, and you are entering what for many is the lowest point. 

After all, it’s your first year. Everything is new. Some of your ideas and plans have worked out great. But some have not. Not all students are locking in their gains yet. You feel a never-ending demand for your time: lesson prep, teaching and grading, are non-stop. Add in parent conferences, report cards and the upcoming holidays – can the kids get any antsier than they are now? (hint: May and June!) No wonder you are tired. Did you ever imagine you could be this tired?

Take heart. Your job is hard. But you are not alone. You have colleagues, and every single one of them was a new educator once. Turn to them. Talk to them. And be sure to take some time for yourself. It may seem hard, but it will pay off for you, and for your students. 

In the meantime, here’s a few short videos to help get you through. 

First grade teacher LaVasha Murdoch reminds you to breathe. 

High School Teacher Adam Aguilera can laugh now, but when he started, some people confused him for being a student. 

Brianna Beach, an elementary teacher, shares her joy about how taking time for dinner helped her and her students.  

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