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SUBposium 2023

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Earlier this month, school district and association staff joined together to share and collaborate ways they support substitutes across the state. WEA's SUBposium was an opportunity to focus on leaders who are providing support and professional development for substitutes. Attendees collaborated, shared and provided feedback to each other. They also received resources to support their locals, districts and regions.

"Substitutes bring in their unique resources, tools, and strategies that help support the work of our educators. Because a substitute could be from a field outside of education, they bring into the educational environment strategies that could cultivate a mindset for students that may look different than their regular educator, while providing students an opportunity for a continued growth mindset in a way that supports diversity in education," says ​Aneeka Ferrell, WEA member and Emergency Substitute TeacSubposiumMay2023 (5 of 11)her Support Project co-lead.

This event is part of WEA’s Emergency Substitute Teacher Support Project. Statewide, this program provides professional development, community, and career coaching to substitutes - and is led, designed, and delivered by current practitioners and leaders from around the state. The project is funded through a partnership grant with OSPI.

"Substitute teachers are some of the most interesting and compassionate people in the world and I love being one and working with them," says Megan Conklin, WEA member and Emergency Substitute Teacher Support Project co-lead.

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