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CC-neambNEA Members Can Win a $2,500 Academic Award from California Casualty

California Casualty’s $2,500 Academic Award is back. NEA members can enter at

 What could you do with $2,500? Previous winners have purchased important chemistry lab equipment, acquired new books, funded electronic learning systems, and paid for cultural and historical learning field trips. California Casualty, provider of the NEA Auto and Home Insurance Program since 2000, is ready to add you to the list of Academic Award recipients.

“What a wonderful blessing and opportunity. I cannot thank you enough and cannot wait to better support my students with this amazing gift,” said Lexi C., Kansas kindergarten teacher, who was able to procure interactive learning tablets to supplement reading activities. “This award means that I can get more resources for reading into my students’ hands without the financial restraints due to spending money out of my own pocket,” she added.

 California special day class teacher, Elizabeth T., was extremely excited when she won the award, allowing her to buy a learning rug, iPads and a stockpile of snacks for her students. “This helps out so much,” she said. “I teach because I want to make a difference in each child’s life. I can now do things that I couldn’t do before.”

 “One of my students asked why California Casualty would do this for us,” said another winner, Jennifer C. “I told him it’s because they believe in education and it is important to them,” said the Oregon first grade teacher. She purchased books for the school’s reading room, guaranteeing appropriate reading material for all grades and reading levels.

 The $2,500 Academic Award from California Casualty was created in 2012 to give public K-12 educators, who use an average of $500 to $1,000 of their own funds each year, financial assistance in buying necessities for students, schools and learning projects.

 “Working with educators for almost 70 years, we’ve heard over and over how much they spend preparing their classrooms and helping students,” said California Casualty Sr. Vice President Mike McCormick. “This award is one of the many ways we show support and give thanks for what they do.”

 The NEA Auto and Home Insurance Program provider, California Casualty, is ready to pick up the cost for your classroom supplies and materials. NEA members hoping to win the next $2,500 Academic Award can learn all the details and enter at The entry deadline is July 17, 2020, with a winner announced in August.