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  • Apply to NAKIA Academy

    Applications are now being accepted for the NAKIA Academy fall cohort. NAKIA Academy nurtures authentic engagement with 500-plus POC members as they lead, organize, and create equitable spaces for all stakeholders in education and throughout our state. NAKIA Academy is more than a "program." It is a community in continuous growth and support.
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  • Navigating Student Loan Forgiveness - Oct. 25

    Many of you are likely eligible for forgiveness of your federal student loans through one or more of the federal programs currently available. There have been many updates and changes made to these programs and the information you need to know is often times hard to find. Join NEA MB for a workshop. Come learn about the latest federal programs and how to access the NEA Student Debt Navigation Tool. Get a head start by logging in to www.neamb.com/start and creating your account.
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  • Getting Started in Your Financial Journey - Nov. 15

    Gain confidence in your retirement plan by exploring retirement savings, state pension options and financial concepts for each life stage, and the basic building blocks of your pension plan to get started on the right foot and ensure a better path to financial security. Knowing your union is here to help and has resources for you to rely on is a valuable benefit of membership. Join us to learn more.
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