ACT-COMMITTEE-JAN-24-19Important Dates for 2024-25

  • Feb. 24, 2024: ACT Meeting
  • March 8, 2024: Warren G. Magnuson Scholarship Applications Due
  • March 22-24, 2024: NEA ESP Conference
  • April 11-13, 2024: WEA Representative Assembly in Spokane
  • April 12, 2024: ACT ESP Breakfast
  • May 18, 2024: ACT Meeting
  • Aug. 6-8, 2024: ACT Retreat

Warren G. Magnuson Educational Support Professional Scholarships

The Washington Education Association (WEA) Warren G. Magnuson Education Support Professional (ESP) Scholarship is assists WEA ESP employees (active members) to pursue professional advancement in the field of public-school education (trades, technical or collegiate). 

Six scholarship grants of $1500 each are available. Three of the grants are designated for ESP members of color. 

Eligibility requirements:

  • Current active ESP members of a WEA local affiliate or bargaining unit
  • Have not previously recived a Magnuson scholarship
  • Are pursuing coursework related to obtaining a skills certificate or degree in public education

Application packet:

  • The application includes:
    • A plan for obtaining additional certificate(s) or degree(s)
    • Description of how your professional growth will help you contribute to public schools and student success
    • 2 letters of reference (union member, colleague, student, parent, or community connection)
  • Apply online clicking on our electronic application form
  • Dealine to apply is Friday, March 8 at 4 p.m. PST
  • For questions please contact Gwendolyn Jimerson at


The ACT works to address ESP member issues, including collective bargaining, job privatization, retirement/pensions and living wage efforts. The ACT also oversees professional development opportunities, scholarships and the annual ESP of the Year award.

Each UniServ council elects one ACT representative every two years. ACT representatives are:

  • Activists and organizers for ESP members (some ACT members also serve as national representatives at NEA).
  • Advocates in Olympia and at home for public education issues.
  • Coordinators of local ESP leadership meetings and annual ESP Issues Conferences.

Who is my ACT representative?

Debby Chandler ACT Chair

Debby Chandler
ACT Chair

Vallerie Fisher ACT Vice Chair

Vallerie Fisher
ACT Vice Chair
Seattle Parapro Assn

Mary Hilton ACT Secretary

Mary Hilton
ACT Secretary
Steilacoom Classified EA

Janie White WEA Vice President

Janie White
WEA Vice President

Aneeka Ferrell 2023 WEA ESP of the Year

Aneeka Ferrell
2023 WEA ESP of Year / ACT Member

no photo available
Kathie Axtell
ACT Member
WEA Chinook

Shyla Butler ACT Member

Shyla Butler
ACT Member
North Central WEA

Ric Calhoun ACT Member

Ric Calhoun
ACT Member
WEA Cascade

no photo available

Rebecca Cattin
ACT Member
North Central WEA

no photo available
Antoinette Felder
ACT Member

April Fincher ACT Member

April Fincher
ACT Member
WEA Riverside WEA Olympic

Gwendolyn Jiles ACT Member

Gwendolyn Jiles
ACT Member

Pam Johnson 2022 NEA/WEA ESP of the Year

Pam Johnson
ACT Member
2022 WEA/NEA ESP of the Year
WEA Chinook

Janice Kennish ACT Member

Janice Kennish
ACT Member
WEA Chinook

Shelly LaRue ACT Member

Shelly LaRue
ACT Member
Fourth Corner

no photo available
Jan Olmstead
ACT Member

no photo available
Darrel Proszek
ACT Member
WEA-Eastern Washington

Andrea Quitevis ACT Member

Andrea Quitevis
ACT Member
WEA Olympic

Alisha Rasmussen ACT Member

Alisha Rasmussen
ACT Member

Marla Rasmussen ACT Member

Marla Rasmussen
ACT Member

Julie Wahlberg ACT Member

Julie Wahlberg
ACT Member
WEA Retired

Elizabeth Ward Robertson ACT Member

Elizabeth Ward-Robertson
ACT Member

Gwendolyn Jimerson WEA ESP Specialist

Gwendolyn Jimerson
WEA ESP Specialist

no photo available
Stacy Noah
AOC Assistant