National membership

As a WEA member, you are also part of the National Education Association. The NEA offers ESP resources, professional development opportunities and more:

Supporting ESPs in canceling student debt

Education must be affordable and accessible to all. Yet for too many of us, the higher education costs to become educators has meant years and even decades of student debt. This system is working for the student loan providers and banks, but not for us. It is time to cancel our student debt.

Recent changes mean more educators qualify for student loan forgiveness. Find out if you qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Working for a living wage

Every worker deserves a living wage. A living wage means earning enough to pay for basic necessities: rent, food, utilities, childcare, healthcare and transportation. People who work full time should not have to live below the poverty line.

Several ESP units in Washington, with assistance from WEA and NEA, have initiated grassroots organizing efforts for living wages in their communities. 

Living wage tools and resources: