Advocating for revenue: fixing our upside-down tax code

Washington state has the most upside-down tax system in the nation. The Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the problem with the wealthiest Washingtonians becoming even richer.  Meanwhile, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, over one million people have filed for unemployment, and schools require even more resources than before.

The rich are using their power to rig the tax system for themselves. Then they pay as little as possible. Meanwhile, the poorest 25% of us – including many educators and our students – pay nearly 18% of our incomes in Washington state taxes. We can do better.

It's time to require the wealthiest among us to pay their share. We can't keep relying on Washington’s low income and working families to fund our schools, hospitals, and roads. It's time to fix our upside-down tax code.

Breaking! Washington's Super-Rich Try to Roll Back Capital Gains Tax

Some of Washington’s super rich want to give themselves a huge tax cut, and make the rest of us pay.
To give themselve a tax cut, they want to take $500 million a year from Washington's Education Legacy Trust Account, which pays for:

  • education, including safety and other repairs for Washington’s aging schools
  • creating more preschools and childcares so parents can get back to work
  • helping hundreds of thousands of students who can’t take another set back

Sign now and pledge that you will decline to sign I-1929. Together, we won’t let a few super rich people rig the tax system for themselves, making the rest of us pay for it.

  • Victory: Capital gains tax

    In 2021, we passed the capital gains tax, a small tax on massive stock market profits.  Hear our WEA president Larry Delaney explain how the tax works, and why only the very wealthiest will be paying it.

  • Take action: sign the petition

  • Up next: Efforts continue

    We’re continuing to pursue different tools to help fix our broken tax code.  As part of Invest in Washington Now, WEA is supporting efforts to make sure the rich pay their fair share.

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