WEA and NEA dues allocation

2022-23 WEA membership dues structure Cert ESP Higher Ed
UniServ Council Funding: Direct Financial Assistance to UniServ Councils.  $131.23 $103.10 $112.10
Operations (accounting, technology, human resources, facilities): Providing financial and membership management that ensures sound fiscal stewardship, human resource system to advance the work of the association, facilities operation that produces a clean and safe environment, and information technology tools that help leaders and staff communicate and work productively.  $110.25 $86.61 $94.17
Professional & Leadership Development: Providing assistance to members, councils, local associations and individual schools in developing and implementing strategies for member and school improvement through effective and best educational practices. $109.25 $85.83 $93.33
Bargaining, Grievance, & Legal Protection: Assisting affiliates by providing UniServ Staffing Program, legal resources, communication expertise, training tools and packages, and technical support to members. $75.27 $59.13 $64.29
Political Action / Legislative Work: Building visible and lasting bipartisan support from opinion leaders and policy makers for public education and the needs of our members. Includes related communication costs, litigation, and community outreach work.  $59.70 $46.90 $51
Membership Organizing & Involvement: Support the future sustainability of WEA by advocating the value of membership as well as to engage, recruit, and retain leaders and members of WEA through systematic one-on-one organizing. $45.59 $35.82 $38.94
BIPOC Scholarship. Fund for individuals who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and pursuing a career in public education. $12 $12 $12
Governance: Implementing a governance process that fosters member participation and democratic decision-making through the Representative Assembly, Board of Directors, Executive Committee and other member/staff involvement in policy development.  $37.02 $29.08 $31.62
Racial, Social, & Economic Justice. WEA’s primary resources devoted to the elimination of racial, social, and economic barriers in Washington’s public education system that prevent educators and students from achieving their full potential.  This work also includes identifying and eliminating these same barriers within the WEA and its affiliates throughout the state. $14.75 $11.59 $12.60
FY22-23 Top Lane for Cert Dues = $571, for ESPs = $446, and for Higher Ed* = $486.  Rates shown above also include $12 Community Outreach and $12 BIPOC Scholarship special assessments. (1) the Higher Ed rate of $486 + $12 + $12 shown above is the rate paid by CTC members.  UFWS member rates are divided between WEA and AFT.  WEA retains $196 + $12 + $12 for UFWS members.          
2022-23 NEA membership dues structure Cert ESP
Build Safe, Healthy, Inclusive Learning Environments. Support the development of modern, safe and supportive learning environments that are affirming to all students and employees and resourced to meet the academic and developmental needs of today's students. $4.44 $2.67
Support Professional Excellence and Respect. Enhance and maintain an enterprise-wide system of Association-convened, member-led professional learning and supports for all educators across their career continua to ensure student success, to diversify the professions, to continuously improve their professional skills and to secure professional authority, collective autonomy and compensation. $15.21 $9.13
Advance Racial Justice in Education. Support members in advancing racial justice in education and improving conditions for students, families, and communities through awareness, capacity-building, partnership, and individual and collective action. $9.16 $5.50
Strengthen Public Education as the Cornerstone of Democracy. Use all available means, including organizing, collective action, policy, legal, legislative and electoral, to safeguard the rights of students, communities and educators; to advance economic justice; to protect the future of public education; and to ensure that students are prepared in a learner-centered environment to participate fully in our democratic society. $25.79 $15.49
Enhance Professional and Organizational Regard. Enhance member and public recognition of the positive contributions of the NEA. its affiliates and its members; demonstrate the value that the organization provides to educators, students and communities; and the positive outcomes to the public education system when professionals are in union with one another. $3.68 $2.21
Legal and Insurance Support. Implement advocacy programs for members, including the Unified Legal Services Program, Fidelity Bond, Association Professional Liability insurance and a $1 million per member Educators Employment Liability insurance program. $17.35 $10.42
Enhance Organizational Capacity. Develop and leverage the collective organizational capacity across our association that is necessary to advance the mission of the NEA and its affiliates, with particular focus on organizing, technology, fiscal health, leadership development, and internal and external partnerships. $65.94 $39.65
Enhance Organizational Capacity. Develop and leverage the collective organizational proficiencies across our association to advance the mission of the NEA and its Affiliates, with particular focus on Member Engagement; Organizing and Connectedness; Educator Voice, Autonomy and Leadership; Racial Justice Culture; Coalitions and Partnerships; Dynamic Alignment; and Enterprise/ Affiliate Health. $64.85 $38.93
Enterprise Operations. Ongoing functions across the enterprise that support the Strategic Objectives, build lasting strength and sustain the organizational infrastructure. $61.88 $37.16
Contingency. Provide funding for emergencies at the national, state or local levels. $1.64 $0.99
FY22-23. NEA dues ($202.00; $121.50 ESP) are allocated to support and represent members and affiliates
in their efforts to achieve NEA’s mission.