2019-2020 WEA Committees and contacts

Benefits Services Advisory Board (BSAB)

Monitor transition process to the state medical insurance program (SEBB).

Budget and Finance Committee

Receives a report and/or recommendation on the budget prior to each board meeting. Makes recommendations as needed for the WEA Board and WEA Representative Assembly. Reviews audits.

Change, Innovation and Achievements Committee (CIA)

Develops strategies and make recommendations to the WEA Board to promote quality education for students Pre-K through Graduate School.

Children’s Fund Board

Oversees the activities of the Children’s Fund and makes recommendations for systemic changes to sustain the fund.

Credentials Work Team

Prepares report and/or recommendations concerning procedures for registration of delegates and alternates for the RA.

Dispute Resolutions Committee

Reviews member/member, member/governance, and governance/governance disputes and makes recommendations that address a process for locals, councils, and the WEA Board to utilize to resolve internal conflict. 

Documents and Resolutions Work Team

Organizes the business of the Representative Assembly in consultation with the President.

Early Career Educator Committee (ECE)

ESA Committee

Provides advice to local union leadership and WEA staff on matters pertaining to ESA Professionals. (Education Support Associates)

ESP Action Coordinating Team (ACT)

Advocate for and advise education support professional (ESP) locals.

Executive Committee

Responsible for exercising the general authority of the WEA Board of Directors as needed between regular meetings of the Board. 

Health and Safety Committee

Works with members, staff, school districts, parents and community groups to improve and make school buildings safe and healthy for staff and students.

Human and Civil Rights Committee (HCR)

Committee designed to plan and develop long term solutions for our members to better reflect the students that we educate. 

Legislative Strategy Committee

Committee that designs short- and long-term strategies to achieve positive legislative impact for the WEA membership.

NEA Convention Work Team

Plans and coordinates WEA’s participation in the NEA Representative Assembly.

Nominations and Elections Work Team

Coordinates notification and procedures of Association nominations and elections and tabulate ballots.

Small Rural Task Force

Engages small and/or rural locals to meet association needs and develops paths for connections to the council and state organizations.

WEA Academy 

Approves requests from instructors for WEA to provide clock hours for their training.

WEA Convention Work Team

Plans and coordinates the WEA Representative Assembly.

  • Co-Chairs Kayalyn Stewart

WEA Historical Work Team