Safe Schools Coalition 

The Safe Schools Coalition is a public-private partnership working to help schools become safe places where every family can belong, where every educator can teach, and where every child can learn, regardless of gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

GLSEN is an education organization dedicated to creating safe schools for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. GLSEN has free curriculum and resources and can help you organize a Gay Straight Alliance or provide Professional Development in your school. The Washington chapter is based in Seattle and serves the full state.

GSA Network

The GSA Network provides helpful information about how to start an inclusive gay-straight alliance at your school.

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity can help your school provide a supportive, non-discriminatory environment for all students, including gender-nonconforming and transgender children.

Gender Spectrum  

Gender Spectrum helps to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments
for all children and teens. Their resource page is filled helpful information.

Intersex Individuals

InterAct is an advocacy organization for intersex individuals and their allies. Check out their resource pages. Educators may find this brochure, "What we wish our teachers knew," and the section on health and sex education to be particularly helpful in supporting students. 

LGBTQ+ College Resource Guide

For many young queer people, college is where things finally begin to change. To make college a little easier, coupon follow created this ultimate guide of resources for LGBTQ+ students in higher education, including scholarships, resources, clubs, anti-bullying hotlines and more. 

Also check out the LGBTQ+ College Student Guide from Intelligent. Students will learn how to research colleges and review additional topics such as the unique challenges LGBTQ students face and the resources and legal rights available to them.

Another resource is the LGBTQ Resources and Support for College Students provided by the Best Accredited Colleges site to aid LGBTQ+ students find the best fit for their college experience with the understanding that the selection process for queer students is often more rigorous -- and impactful -- than their heterosexual and cis-gender peers. 

NEA Resources

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth - LGBT issues

OSPI Office of Human and Civil Rights

The OSPI Office of Human and Civil Rights works to ensure that each student has equal access to public education without discrimination. They provide a variety of resources for educators, parents and students.

OSPI Gender Inclusive Schools

The OSPI Gender-Inclusive Schools site offers guidance on state protections for LGBTQ students, data on the positive impacts of local support programs, and more. 

Supporting Transgender Students

Here's a link to a popular and useful guide regarding transgender students.

Mental Health Support for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Innrebody provides helpful resources to support mental health and other supports.