2024 NEA RA - Gathering educators from across the country in Philadelphia

2022 NEA RA Chicago

WEA's delegation posed for a group shot at the 2022 NEA RA in Chicago, IL. 

Washington EA NEA RA delegates,

2024 NEA RA is almost here, and we get to meet in person again!! Delegates to this year’s meeting will be attending NEA RA in Philadelphia, PA.

Dates: This year, the NEA Representative Assembly will be held in person in Philadelphia, July 3-7, 2024. NEA RA will not have a virtual option this year. 

WEA Hotel: Philadelphia Marriott Old City. As in the past, double occupancy versus single occupancy will be a decision made at the local level. WEA will be sharing this hotel with Arizona. Local and Council Presidents will receive an email with the contact information of WEA's reservation team at the Marriott Old City to make their local delegates lodging reservations. WEA will not be covering state delegates travel and lodging in 2024.

WEA Caucus meeting: The first in person WEA Caucus meeting will be held on July 3 at the Marriott Old City. Please review the Standing Rules and Adopted Procedures for the WEA Caucus at the NEA Represenative Assembly. This document will be available in the delegate folder. 

In-Person: NEA will be in-person only for delegates this year. NEA RA delegates should receive their Cvent registration from NEA in late May. This email included instructions on how to register for RA. 

Flights to Philadelphia: How flights are arranged will be up to the locals and councils.

State Delegates: State delegate travel will not be covered by WEA for 2024.

NEA RA Agenda: Please click here to see the latest information

Submission of Business Items: The Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules (CCBR) is now accepting submissions of business for consideration at the 2024 Representative Assembly. All items must be submitted using this electronic link. Only delegates to the 2024 RA can submit items.

WEA Caucus Meeting and NEA-RA Dates:

  • Tues. July 2, WEA Delegates arrive 
  • Wed. July 3, WEA Caucus meeting 1 of 5
  • Wed. July 3, Delegate Registration
  • Thurs. July 4, WEA Caucus meeting 2 of 5
  • Thurs. July 4, 2024 NEA RA session 1
  • Fri. July 5, WEA Caucus meeting 3 of 5
  • Fri. July 5, 2024 NEA RA session 2
  • Sat. July 6, WEA Caucus meeting 4 of 5
  • Sat. July 6, 2024 NEA RA session 3
  • Sun. July 7, WEA Caucus meeting 5 of 5
  • Sun. July 7, 2024 NEA RA session 4 (final session)

2024 NEA RA WEA Delegates will be electing 2 current delegates to the NEA Resolutions Committee for 2 year terms. 

2024 Candidates for Office

2024 Coordinated Attire Days - TBD More info will be posted here, prior to NEA RA

Future dates and locations for the NEA Representative Assembly

  • 2025 - July 2-6 - Portland, OR
  • 2026 - July 3-7 - Denver, Colorado
  • 2027 - July 1-5 - Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2028 - July 1-5 - Washington, DC
  • 2029 - July 1-5 - Kansas City, Missouri