How the Children's Fund is helping students

Andrea Roberts and student Childrens Fund 2019Thank you for your support! This is a picture of me and Alyssa, first-grader at Kenroy Elementary School in East Wenatchee. She and her family could not have been more appreciative and thankful for the help they received with warm winter snow gear. This very hard working single mom was in tears at the offer and has continued to share with me just how grateful they are. Alyssa looks cozy and adorable as ever. She told me her favorite colors are pink and turquoise and I was tickled pink I was able to deliver. Thank you WEA Children's Fund for helping keep my precious firstie warm this winter. It is greatly appreciated by me as well! 

Andrea Roberts
First-grade Teacher
Kenroy Elementary School
East Wenatchee, WA

Teaching Kindergarten is a first, not just for the students but a lot of time for the parents as well. Last year I purchased a coat for one of the little guys in my class and his mom called me crying. She said she knew it was cold and wanted to get him a coat but with her last pay check she had to buy medicines for his younger brother and sister who are twins. She didn't have enough money and was just hoping it wouldn't get cold. She said she knew that wasn't a good way to do it but she just had no other options. She was considering keeping him home if there were days that were more cold than others but thanks to the coat, hat, gloves and boots that I had purchased for him, she wasn't worried about that would definitely be sending him to school!  

Jody Stadelman 
Kindergarten Teacher
Columbia Ridge Elementary 
Ephrata, WA

Amanda Roberson Childrens FundWe had a 7-year-old student this year who did not want to come to school because she didn’t have a winter coat and she was cold at recess. I bought her a warm winter coat, hat, gloves, and boots with the $75 dollars you provided.  She is warm, happy, and is loving coming to school now. Thank you for your time and generous spirit so that our students are healthy and happy and can learn!!

Amanda Roberson, Counselor
Lakeland Hills Elementary School
Auburn, WA

Crystal Green Children's FundThis year, I was able to help five middle students get new shoes, socks and clothes. I work at a high needs school in Kennewick and many of our students tend to go without new clothes, let along fashionable clothing. Thanks to the WEA Children’s Fund, I have been able to help a few children at a time choose choice items. My students were extremely grateful and proud to have new and cool items.

Thank you so very much for providing this much needed service.

Crystal Green, Support Services Teacher
Park Middle School
Kennewick, WA

The Children's Fund has helped two students in my class receive a 5-subject notebook for use in school this year. All students in second grade have a 5-subject notebook to organize notes and paste learning materials in a designated section for each school subject. The notebooks have been a tremendous help so that students can have their notes organized. In addition, I didn't want any student to stand out or be noticed for not having a notebook like the rest of their peers and you helped solve that issue for us. My deepest thanks for your support of children and their learning! I appreciate this help very much! Thank you again!

Heidi Von Tersch, Teacher
Puesta Del Sol Elementary
Bellevue, WA

Thanks to the WEA Children's Fund, I was able to purchase a winter coat, gloves, and warm socks for one of my 7th grade students this year. He was thrilled to get some new warm gear.  He wears them every day to school. His parents expressed many thanks for the assistance since they have several growing children and could not afford to get them all winter wear this year. 

Jamie Bowman, Special Education Teacher
Mountainside Middle School
Colbert, WA

I personally want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to gift winter clothes to some of my kiddos. It is fun to see them wear a new pair of boots or a big warm jacket and know that it came from WEA. I have enjoyed taking part in this program all four years of my teaching in RSD, thank YOU!

Jennifer Smith, Teacher
Marcus Whitman Elementary
Richland, WA

Our student and his mother were extremely appreciative of the new coat, particularly since the weather was getting quite cold. The coat was delivered just prior to our recent snow storm. Thank you for offering this funding resource to our students!

Susan Roden, Counselor
Shorewood Elementary
Burien, WA

Tyee High School students

Thank you so much for the WEA funding you provided my students! Students at my school, Tyee High School, are amazing individuals with goals, ideas for their future and ambition to achieve. They also have many struggles that can often prevent them from fully participating in many activities that can strengthen their confidence, skills and outlook for their future. Recently my Tyee students prepared for and attended the regional DECA (Business and Marketing) Competition. Besides having to prepare to challenge themselves academically, the event also requires students to dress professionally. Buying professional dress clothes is not possible for all my students. This is where WEA stepped in and provided access to this engaging learning activity be providing the needed professional dress clothes for 5 of my students. Without this funding, these 5 students would not have been able to participate in this life changing event. Thank you WEA Children’s Fund.

Alana Vinther, Teacher
Tyee High School
SeaTac, WA