Welcome to WEA-PAC

WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association political action committee. Our mission is to WEAPAC_Logorecommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office -- regardless of party affiliation -- in local, statewide and legislative elections.

Join WEA-PAC now or increase your monthly contribution! You can now join for $2.25 a month, $5 a month or $10.50 a month.

K-12 WEA members can join by submtting a WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC.  

WEA-Retired, Higher Ed and Student WEA members can join here.

What is WEA-PAC?

From the state legislature to the school board, many critical decisions about our school day are decided by elected officials, including class sizes, curriculum, instructional hours, and even pay and benefits. Joining WEA-PAC gives educators a greater voice in the decisions that affect educators and our students. Watch this video to find out more!

You can see a longer version of this video here!
Jenaia Johnson

What has WEA-PAC done?

accomplishment infographicBy supporting WEA-PAC, WEA members have dramatically increased the number of pro-public education, pro-labor candidates elected across the state. Because of WEA-PAC, we have 5 WEA members in the state legislature and more than 40 WEA members serving on local school boards or in other local offices.

By ensuring educator voices are involved in the policy making process, we’ve accomplished a lot for public education. Education funding increased by $8 billion, including $2 billion for salary increases. And although there is still more work to be done, we've also increased investment in special ed and provided additional resources for students' mental health, including hiring more school nurses and counselors. All while fighting off efforts to link test scores to teacher evaluations, attack collective bargaining rights, and censor fact-based, inclusive curriculum and materials.

Did you know many of the things that you bargain for locally are direct results of laws passed by the state legislature? This creates the framework for negotiations with your school board and enables your local union to effectively bargain for higher salaries, better benefits, and better working conditions.

Angelica Weenink

Why should I join WEA-PAC?

PAC Support Word Cloud

morgan"I'm a WEA-PAC member because I know the political decisions made by state and local leaders can have a significant, lasting impact on the lives of my students, my working conditions and job responsibilities, and the community I serve. Being part of WEA-PAC allows me to be sure that my voice as an educator and advocate for students is heard by our political leaders."
                            -Morgan Galle, First Grade Teacher, Spokane

Sara Peraza-Roe

"It is important to me that I contribute since WEA-PAC is working on behalf of our schools, students, educators and communities.  I feel that it is a responsibility we all share as educators.”
-Sara Peraza-Roe, Elementary School Office Manager, Federal Way

But don't just take it from these members, this word cloud represents the reasons members across the state have given for why they joined WEA-PAC -- and is just another reason why you should join WEA-PAC too!

Nora Martin

Level UpHave you increased your monthly WEA-PAC membership yet?

A strong PAC is how we elect pro-education, pro-labor candidates to school boards. Increasing your monthly contribution gives us a greater voice in policies that affect our profession. Dues have been $2.25 for more than 20 years. Now, you have the option to contribute $5 or $10.50 per month instead. Will you consider "leveling up" and giving a little more each month? Just fill out a new payroll deduction form to "level up" and it will replace the form we have on file for you.

Not sure how much you are currently giving? Checking your paystub or contact weapac@washingtonea.org.

Can joining really make a difference?

Yes! When you join WEA-PAC your contributions are used to help support pro-education, pro-labor candidates. Once elected, these candidates become elected officials who help craft and support pro-education, pro-labor legislation -- the policies and funding that affect our schools. This creates the framework for negotiations with your school board and enables your local union to effectively bargain for higher salaries, better benefits, and better working conditions. Because of this cycle, and your support of WEA-PAC, we are able to directly impact education policy in our state. That’s why WEA-PAC is so important to the fabric of our union. 

PAC Cycle

What is the NEA-FCPE?

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education is the political action committee of the National Education Association. The NEA-FCPE recommends and supports candidates who stand up for public education issues at the national level.  They endorse in races for office including: President, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.  

You can sign up to participate in the NEA-FCPE when filling out your WEA-PAC form or donate here by checking the monthly contribution box.  This contribution is only $1.00 a month.


If you have questions, please contact WEA-PAC Coordinators Samantha Casne (253-765-7161) or Emily Hansen (206-412-4406). You can also email WEAPAC@washingtonea.org.