Support for those who support our students

IMG_2825Secondary trauma can impact our work and homelife as school staff, especially those of us who work closely with students. Secondary Traumatic Stress happens when the emotionally painful experiences of others impacts our well-being, leading to compassion fatigue, burnout, and mental health challenges.

If you're feeling depressed, burned out, anxious, or compassion fatigued, you are not alone. Studies show that educators experience a disproportionate amount of secondary traumatic stress. It's important to know and access the support that is available to you.

WEA joined with other school advocates to pass legislation in the 2023 session that requires school districts to recognize secondary traumatic stress and take steps to address it in their staff. Additionally, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and other organizations have made resources available online.

If you're experiencing a crisis or secondary traumatic stress, reach out to your care provider or call the state-wide mental health crisis hotline at 988.