Strengthening Washington's public schools

The Washington Education Association is a union that elevates the collective voice of professional public school educators to best serve the students of Washington state.

Our mission is to advocate for excellence, inclusion and a racially equitable public school system for all students, staff, and communities.

Our vision is to ensure outstanding public schools for every student in Washington state.

Welcome to your union.

From Walla Walla to Winthrop, Bellevue to Bellingham, Snohomish, Soap Lake, Seattle, Spokane and every county, town and city in between, we represent employees in nearly every public school district in Washington. We are the professionals to whom our community entrusts its students every day. We nurture minds and bodies so they grow to be productive contributors in our changing society.

We negotiate strong contracts that lay out our rights, our responsibilities and how to handle disputes fairly. We listen to one another to make sure we receive the pay and benefits we need to take care of ourselves and our families and to stay sane in our busy professions. We stand by one another to make sure our employment rights are honored and respected. We work together to address workplace concerns, ensure fair evaluations and keep workloads and working conditions safe and reasonable. As a union, we offer opportunities for everyone  to grow so we can help our students do the same.

Learn about WEA’s history as the largest representative of public school educators in the state, how to get involved with WEA Representative Assembly, how to contact your UniServ Council, and who makes up the WEA leadership team.