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  • Accurate information amid a changing landscape in education
  • Support in bargaining your local contract
  • A strong voice in the Washington Legislature
  • Ongoing training to help keep your skills sharp
  • On-the-job liability insurance coverage and legal assistance from WEA attorneys
  • Resources to help in the classroom
  • Money-saving discounts to help stretch your paychecks
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Membership types

WEA active membership

  • Available only to public school employees: teachers, support professionals, higher education faculty. If you are employed in public education in Washington state, your WEA Membership is coordinated by one of our more than 370 local associations or your regional UniServ Council office.

Substitute educator membership

If you're a certificated teacher or specialist employed full or part-time as a substitute educator you're eligible for WEA Active membership in WEA and NEA, but dues collection is not so simple.

  • Daily rate deductions available — It is preferred to have your school district(s) do "daily rate" deductions and remit the dues directly to WEA. You should sign an enrollment form for each district in which you are employed if the employer offers daily rate deductions.
  • Daily rate deductions unavailable* — Your only membership option is to pay annual dues directly to WEA (complete this form and include it with your check payable to WEA for the total amount of your Substitute membership). If all of the districts at which you are employed fall within a single UniServ council, then you will also pay UniServ dues.

If you have questions about substitute membership contact:
Tobias Benton
253-765-7017 or 800-622-3393, x-7017

*As a member unable to pay dues via daily rate deductions you are an “At Large” member. You will receive full active membership benefits from NEA and WEA, but are not paying local association dues — meaning you cannot participate in WEA Representative Assembly and similar activities.

Student WEA membership

  • Available to individuals enrolled in an accredited School of Education program in Washington state. To join SWEA, enroll online or send this completed form with a $22.50 check or money order made payable to Student Washington Education Association and mail it to: Washington Education Association, P.O. Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063-9100.

WEA retired membership

  • As a member of WEA/NEA-Retired you remain a part of the nation's largest advocacy voice for public education. Join or renew here.

Associate and reserve membership

  • Former WEA Active members, (certificated or educational support professional), including those on an unpaid leave of absence from public education employment are eligible for Reserve membership.

  • Association membership is open to community members who are public education supporters: Associate/Reserve Member enrollment form.