2021 Endorsements


Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. WEA-PAC makes recommendations in races for statewide, legislative and local candidates--regardless of party affiliation. Candidates complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview with WEA-PAC members. Based on the questionnaire and interview, WEA-PAC members make a recommendation.

Check out our list of endorsed candidates below. You can also find your personal voters guide of WEA-PAC endorsed candidates.

Local Races

Meredith Mcllmoyle Anacortes School Board Pos. 1
Diana Farnsworth Anacortes School Board Pos. 2
Adrian Cortes* Battle Ground City Council Pos. 4
Joyce Shui Bellevue School Board Pos. 3
Jane Aras Bellevue School Board Pos. 5
Skip Williams Bellingham City Council Ward 4
Eve Smason-Marcus Bellingham City Council Ward 6
Kristina Michele Martens Bellingham City Council At-Large
Kelly Krieger Bellingham Port Dis. 2
Marcus Young Bethel School Board Pos. 1
Hugo Garcia Burien City Council Pos. 1
Jimmy Matta Burien City Council Pos. 3
Sarah Moore Burien City Council Pos. 5
Krystal Marx Burien City Council Pos. 7
Marilyn Dale-Boerke Camas City Council Ward 1 Pos. 2
Corey McEnry* Camas School Board Pos. 1
Erika Cox Camas School Board Pos. 2
Stanley Chalich Central Valley School Board Pos. 5
Teresa Landa Central Valley School Board Pos. 2
Alyssa Anderson Pearson Clover Park School Board Pos. 3
Marty Schafer Clover Park School Board Dis. 4
Gene Achziger Des Moines City Council Pos. 3
Soleil Lewis Des Moines City Council Pos. 7
Deborah Kilgore Edmonds School Board Pos. 4
Melissa Stepp Edmonds School Board Pos. 2
Caroline Mason Everett School Board Pos. 3
Traci Mitchell Everett School Board Pos. 4
Justin Voelker East Valley School Board Pos. 3
Greg Baruso Federal Way City Council Pos. 2
Leandra Craft Federal Way City Council Pos. 5
Renae Seam Federal Way City Council Pos. 6
Tiffany LaFontaine Federal Way School Board Pos. 1
Trudy Davis Federal Way School Board Pos. 4
Cheryl Reid-Simmons Fife School Board Pos. 4
Kimberly Palmer Yee Fife School Board Pos. 5
Ron Nerio Franklin Pierce School Board Pos. 2
Gil Mendoza Franklin Pierce School Board Pos. 3
Carl Cary Granite Falls School Board Pos. 5
Jennifer Adams Granite Falls School Board Pos. 1
Jennifer Fichamba* Highline School Board  Pos. 2
Teresa VanNatta* Hockinson School Board Dist. 1
Sydne Mullings Issaquah School Board
Don Britain Kennewick City Council Pos. 1
Jason Lohr Kennewick City Council Pos. 3
Michele Sandburg Kennewick School Board Pos. 1
Erin Steinert Kennewick School Board Pos. 2
Joe Bento* Kent School Board Pos. 1
Awale Farah Kent School Board Pos. 4
Tim Clark Kent School Board Pos. 5
Sara Franklin Kent School Board Pos. 5
Dawn Bennett Kent Mayor
Dave Upthegrove King County Council Pos. 5
Sarah Perry King County Council Pos. 3
Kim-Khanh Van King County Council Pos. 9
Robin Vazquez Lacey City Council Pos. 4
Michael Steadman Lacey City Council Pos. 6
Carolyn Cox Lacey City Council Pos. 7
Mark Stuart Lake Washington School District Board Pos. 4
Brian Giannini Upton Mercer Island School Board Pos. 1
Brian Saulsman Monroe School Board Pos. 1
Mary Reule Monroe School Board Pos. 2
Sarah Johnson Monroe School Board Pos. 4
Judy Schwab Mukilteo School Board Pos. 2
Jayme Lee Vail Mukilteo School Board  Pos. 4
Michael Duchemin Noth Kitsap School Board Director 1
Jaqueline McGourty Northshore School Board Pos. 1
Sandy Hayes Northshore School Board Pos. 4
Amy Cast Northshore School Board  Pos. 5
Darcy Huffman Olympia School Board Pos. 3
Scott Clifhorne Olympia School Board Pos. 5
Juanita Beard Peninsula School Board Pos. 5
Lola Moses Port Angeles School Board  Pos. 1
Mary Herbert  Port Angeles School Board Pos. 2
Joe Colombo Puyallup City Council Dist. 2 Pos. 2
Julie Door Puyallup City Council Dist. 3 Pos. 2
David Berg Puyallup School Board Pos. 4
Joe Todd Renton City Council Pos. 1
Carmen Rivera Renton City Council Pos. 2
Danica Garcia Richland School Board Pos. 1
Rick Jansons Richland School Board Pos. 2
Elizabeth Vann-Clark Richland School Board Pos. 3
Jake Simpson SeaTac City Council Pos. 2
Mohamed Egal SeaTac City Council Pos. 4
Iris Guzman* SeaTac City Council Pos. 6
Teresa Mosqueda Seattle City Council Pos. 8
Nikkita Oliver Seattle City Council Pos. 9
Michelle Sarju Seattle School Board Pos. 5
Brandon Hersey Seattle School Board Pos. 7
Karl de Jong Sedro Woolley City Council Ward 6
Brandon Janisse Sequim City Council Pos. 5
Kathy Downer Sequim City Council Pos. 2
Lowell Rathbun Sequim City Council Pos. 6
Rachel Anderson Sequim City Council Pos. 4
Vicki Lowe Sequim City Council Pos. 3
Patrice Johnston Sequim School Board Director Pos. 2
Tom Merrill Snohomish City Council Pos. 4
David Flynn Snohomish City Council Pos. 5
Lea Anne Burke Snohomish City Council Pos. 6
Karen Guzak Snohomish CIty Council Pos. 7
Shaunna Ballas Snohomish School Board Pos. 1
Linda Redmon Snohomish Mayor
Brian Pickard South Kitsap School Board Dist. 3
Jeffrey Wilson South Kitsap School Board  Dist. 4
Andrea Downs South Whidbey School Board Pos. 2
Ann Johnson South Whidbey School Board Pos. 5
Marnie Jackson South Whidbey School Board Pos. 4
Melissa Bedford Spokane School Board Pos. 3
Riley Smith  Spokane School Board Pos. 4
Naghmana Sherazi Spokane City Council Distict 1 Pos. 2
Zack Zappone* Spokane City Council District 3 Pos. 2
Nathan Jefferies Spokane County Water District Pos. 3
Michael Tuncap Steilacoom School Board Pos. 1
Deborah Norris Sumner School Board Pos. 1
Erin Markquart Sumner School Board Pos. 5
Chanjolee Bushnell Tacoma City Council Pos. 5
Kiara Daniels Tacoma City Council Pos. 6
Catherine Ushka Tacoma City Council Pos. 4
Rosie Ayala Tacoma Metro Parks Dist. Commissioner Pos. 3
Bill Hanawalt Tacoma School Board Pos. 5
Chelsea McElroy Tacoma School Board Pos. 4
Karey Strozier Tacoma School Board Pos. 3
Enrique Leon Tacoma School Board Pos. 2
Haley Pendergraft Tahoma School Board Pos. 1
Carlee Hoover Tukwila School District Director Pos. 1
Bridgertte Agpaoa Ryder Tukwila School Board Pos. 3
Edward Wood University Place City Council Seat 4
Marisa Peloquin University Place School Board Seat 2
Sandra Zavala-Ortega Vancouver Public Schools Board Pos. 2
Wendy Smith* Vancouver Public Schools Board Pos. 3
Donna Sinclair Washougal School Board Seat 3
Chuck Carpenter Washougal School Board Seat 5
Maria Iniguez Wenatchee School Board Pos. 2
Michele Sandberg Wenatchee School Board Pos. 4
Miranda Skalisky Wenatchee School Board Pos. 5
Kaylee Galloway Whatcom County Council Dist. 1
Rebecca Lewis* Whatcom County Council Dist. 3
Barry Buchanan Whatcom County Council At-Large
Denise Vogel White River School Board Pos. 1