WEA National Board Certification

Are you a multilingual educator and/or educator of color interested in pursuing National Board Certification?

WEA, in partnership with Seattle Education Association, is offering 25 scholarships for the 2024-25 school year to support multilingual educators and educators of color in joining a cohort to develop and test approaches to increasing the number of nationally certified teachers. The grants are part of a U.S. Department of Education Support Effective Educator Development Grant awarded to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to support the National Board's priority to make Board certification accessible to all educators.

Scholarship recipients will have access to the following benefits:

  • Receive feedback from highly skilled OSPI trained facilitators,
  • Grow professionally in a safe, supportive learning community, and
  • Build relationships with other educators pursuing National Board Certification.

Cohort support meetings will be held on Saturdays (2-3 hours on Zoom) and include whole and small group support, facilitator led and peer review, opportunities to ask questions, and lots of writing support with diverse participants.

Apply for a Margins to Center Scholarship online. Applications due Aug. 20.

  • WEA National Board Jump Start - Registration is now open!

    WEA's National Board Jump Start is a comprehensive, multi-day seminar designed to provide National Board candidates with important information about the certification process, time to examine component and Assessment Center requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to collaborate, gather resources and information needed to pursue certification. All this happens in a supportive, constructive and collegial environment.

    There are a total of six (6) training modules that will be offered each training week. Registration fee is $75 and open to WEA members only.  Foundations I is a required entry course.  Select as many of the remaining 5 modules (C1, C2, C3, C4, Foundations II) as you like for the flat $75 Registration fee. Up to 30 WEA Clock Hours can be earned for attending all 6 modules. Open to WEA Members only.

    Use the links below to register for our Summer 2024 National Board Jump Start Sessions!

    • June 24-June 28, 2024 
      Registration for this session is now closed.
    • July 29-August 2, 2024  Register for this session here  Registration closes on Monday, July 22nd
  • National Board Information Session Series

    Audience: Certificated Educators. Our Certification Trainings are conducted online  through Zoom, as a Member Benefit, free of charge to WEA Members only. 

    National Board Certification — Overview: Session 1 (2 Clock Hours)
    This introductory session on National Board Certification provides an overview of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), basics of the certification process, and why educators consider board certification.  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    National Board Certification — Standards & Process: Session 2 (2 Clock Hours)
    This second session on National Board Certification focuses on a deeper exploration of the NBPTS certificate area standards and the four required components. The session also shares basics about candidate support options.  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    National Board Certification — Support & Next Steps: Session 3 (2 Clock Hours)

    This third session in the WEA National Board Certification information series helps educators decide possible next steps and timelines with the certification process. Educators explore various support options available, and finalize a personal check-list to guide their National Board journey.  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

  • WEA National Board Maintenance of Certificate (MOC) Training Series

    WEA offers three modules to help you pursue your National Board MOC. Each module offers a different focus to guide you through this process. You may participate in all three modules. You may find that you just need the overview which is offered in Module One. If you plan to engage in all three modules, we ask that you take them in sequence so that you are prepared. Each module is interactive with breakout rooms and time for questions. MOC Training is available for all WEA Members. Our Certification Trainings are conducted online  through Zoom. You will receive a follow-up email a few days prior to the event with zoom link information. Course fee is $25 per module. 

    Module One
    Overview of the MOC process and introduction of Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs). The homework is to draft PGEs and share them in Module Two. This module is 4 clock hours. Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    Module Two
    Details of the MOC process. Participants will share possible PGEs and dive into the prompts for Components One and Two. This module is 4 clock hours. Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    Module Three
    Feedback and Support for your MOC work. Participants will share a draft of one PGE and give and receive feedback on their work.  This module is 4 hours.  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    Want to know more about the MOC modules? Watch video that describes the MOC modules.

  • WEA National Board Home Stretch

    WEA's National Board Home Stretch takes place just before the National Board portfolio is due, when candidates are getting ready to focus their attention on final revisions. Our Certification Trainings are conducted online  through Zoom.

    At Home Stretch, small like-certificate groups meet with one NBCT Facilitator to read and provide standards-based feedback on the written commentary for Components 2, 3, or 4 using a specially designed protocol. We do our best to have NBCTs in the same certificate area as candidates; however, that’s not always possible based on registration numbers and facilitator availability.

    During the morning part of the agenda, candidates receive feedback on Component 2, 3 or 4 written commentary. In the afternoon segment, they can opt for feedback on a second component or testing center (Component 1) preparation.

    Supported Work Groups: Dedicated work time is also an option, staffed by NBCTs to answer questions and provide support.  Course fee is $25. (Total Clock Hours: 6)

    Check back for our Spring 2025 Course.

  • National Board Certification Winter Support Sessions

    Audience:  Certificated Educators preparing to submit their application for National Board Certification. Our Certification Trainings are conducted online  through Zoom.  Highly recommended: Previous attendance at a WEA Summer National Board Jump Start Series. Nat'l Board Certification courses are open to WEA Members.

    NBCT Candidates will have an opportunity to participate in a virtual study group facilitated by NBCT teachers along with other candidates. These sessions will review important information focused on the listed Component and will provide individualized support for candidates with their preparation and writing. Supported Work Time is provided for candidates who need help getting started with an experienced NBCT facilitator.

    Course Objectives:

    • Participants should be able to understand the requirements of each component, including its scoring process.
    • Participants will understand how the Assessment Center questions link to the National Board Standards.
    • Participants may have supported time to work and apply the knowledge gained from facilitators and peers.

    Component 2 - Using Student Evidence

    $25 course fee. (4 Clock Hours Total - 2.5 Hours Course Time + 1.5 Hours Prep Time)  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    Component 3 - Video Analysis

    $25 course fee. (4 Clock Hours Total - 2.5 Hours Course Time + 1.5 Hours Prep Time)  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    Component 4 - Analyzing Student Information

    $25 course fee. (4 Clock Hours Total - 2.5 Hours Course Time + 1.5 Hours Prep Time)  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.

    Component 1 - Assessment Center

    $25 course fee. (4 Clock Hours Total - 2.5 Hours Course Time + 1.5 Hours Prep Time)  Check back for our Fall 2024 Courses.