What's happening

  • Music and Arts Grants Awarded

    Seventeen Washington schools will receive a Music and Arts Grant this year to assist in bringing artistic programs into the classroom. The grant is designed to foster creativity in choir, band, dance, film, theater, computer arts and graphics and any K-12 curriculum that employs art for learning.
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  • What does McCleary mean? Billions for K-12 public schools and students

    Learn more about the history of the landmark case and how this is the opportunity to correct years of under-funding for Washington public schools.
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  • Shoreline raises the bar for teacher pay in Washington

    Shoreline Education Association members bargained a 24.2% average pay increase and set a new high for the top of the teacher scale. But members there hope other districts will follow their lead to ensure all Washington schools invest in attracting and keeping great educators. Watch on YouTube.
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"Every kid who walks in my door - they matter, they are worth it, and I care about them. They deserve every opportunity that I, and the state, can give them. "
Thea Layton, Bainbridge Island EA