WEA-Retired: experience counts

Your retirement does not have to be the end of your connection to WEA. WEA-Retired and pre-retired members share decades of experience in our schools to help improve public education in Washington. We support public education and the enhancement of the quality of life for WEA's active and retired members.

WEA-Retired membership allows you to access WEA and NEA member benefits for the rest of your life — a onetime insurance policy all of its own. Our goals: 

  • To be the primary voice for public-education retirees in the State of Washington
  • To work in partnership with WEA members to achieve public confidence in public education
  • To make the retirement years the best they can be for WEA/NEA Retired members
  • To secure legislation that fully supports our purpose

Enroll or renew online quickly and securely, or, if you prefer, download an enrollment/renewal form, fill it out and mail in with your check. Annuitants of the Washington Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) may also now join as a Retired Monthly Members by filling out this webform or by completing and returning this paper version.

WEA-Retired scholarships

WEA-Retired will once again offer $1,000 nonrenewable scholarships to aid WEA members in enhancing skills in specific education areas and/or attaining or maintaining a teaching certificate. The scholarships cannot be used to pay for incurred debt for past classes or reimbursement for pre-paid classes. You must be a WEA member to apply.  You can read about the 2020 winners here.

2021 scholarships are available now! To be considered, please use the forms below:

Cover letter

Pre-retirement seminars

Whether you're years from retiring or near retirement, it's good to get your ducks in a row.

WEA-Retired has a corps of more than 30 members who are trained to lead pre-retirement seminars. The seminars, offered throughout the state at the request of locals and UniServ councils, provide information on all of the retirement plans from the Department of Retirement Systems and hints for making the decisions they require. They also cover financial planning, medical insurance, estate planning, Social Security, Medicare, and life after retirement. The number of participants in each seminar is limited to give the opportunity for individual questions and discussion.

View the 2020-21 schedule here. All seminars will be offered on Zoom until further notice.

Please direct questions and requests to the experts at Department of Retirement, Health Care Authority, VEBA (Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association) and Social Security.  Websites and phone numbers are listed below.

Questions or comments may be sent to Karle Warren WEA-Retired Seminar chairperson.

WEA-Retired goals, WEA-Retired legislative goals & charges

WEA-Retired Awards

WEA-Retired can support public education staff and students in the State of Washington only through the hard work and dedication of people who believe in its goals and objectives. It is the practice of WEA-Retired to acknowledge these supporters each year during its annual meeting.

Below are descriptions of the four WEA-Retired awards. The 2020 due date passed.

Pre-Retired Member of the Year. Some active WEA members join WEA-Retired while they are still working in order to retain their member benefits when they retire. Others actively promote WEA-Retired and its programs. These are the members we recognize with the Pre-Retired Member award.

  • Encouraging pre-retired membership
  • Helping in their UniServ Council as we set up new WEA-Retired chapters
  • Advertising and setting up WEA-Retired pre-retirement seminars
  • Raising money for WEA-Retired Scholarships
  • Welcoming us wherever we can be a helping hand or they can offer one

Retired Member of the Year. There are those who work tirelessly in their efforts to promote the organization: helping with membership promotion, scholarship activities, lobbying, meetings, committee work among other activities. Many times, these are not names that appear in the newsletter or that others know much about, but they are always there and ready to work to get the job done.

Advocate of the Year. This award is given to people who, although they do not qualify for WEA-Retired membership, provide invaluable help to the organization over time by educating and/or providing support in a variety of ways.

Media. People in the communications field have the ability to provide to the general public, WEA active members, or WEA-Retired members information about WEA-Retired programs and goals. This can be accomplished through publications and communications such as newsletters, enews, blogs, or websites.


What's happening in your neighborhood

You don't have to be retired to join WEA-Retired. Active and newly (or not so newly) retired members welcomed.

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Working after retirement

Considering returning part time or working as a substitute? There are post-retirement work implications you need to consider.

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How we work

marylindseyretiredvpWEA-Retired elects officers, board directors and delegates at its own annual meeting and also elects delegates to the WEA and NEA Representative Assemblies. WEA-Retired has representation on the WEA and NEA Board of Directors.

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Valuable member benefits

NEA Member Benefits:

  • Credit cards and insurance programs
  • $1,000,000 liability insurance
  • Access to savings on travel, restaurants, auto rentals/purchases, appliances, and other savings

Make a Difference by Joining WEA-PAC

The people we elect make decisions that affect classrooms, our families and our students. We need candidates who will advocate for a well-funded education system as well as hold the line on threats to educators, students and public schools. WEA-PAC, the Washington Education Association’s political action committee, recommends and supports pro-education candidates. Join today!

You can join online here - and use your credit card. Be sure to select WEA-Retired in the dropdown under "local."

You can also join by completing this form, printing it out and sending it in with a check to: WEA-PAC, P.O. Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063.

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