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What is WEA-PAC? 42,000 educators!

4 Manka doorbell volunteers
WEA-PAC volunteers working to elect a WEA-PAC endorsed candidate.

WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association political action committee. Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. 

Join WEA-PAC Now!

For just $2.25 per month you can join us. 

K-12 WEA members can join by submtting a WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC.  

WEA-Retired, Higher Ed and Student WEA members can join here.

$20.20 for 2020 Fundraising Drive!

WEA-PAC members are being asked to make a one-time additional donation of $20.20 to build up our PAC fund.

2020 may be the most important election of our lifetime. There is a lot at stake. In addition to all of the federal races (like president!) that are up, there are a significant number of state level offices up as well. This election will be critical to maintaining our pro-education majorities in the State House and State Senate, as well as the Governor’s office.

But with critical races, comes critical resources. This includes your time and energy (get those sneakers ready for a number of doorbell Saturdays around the state!) It also includes financial resources. That’s why we have launched a $20.20 for 2020 fundraising drive. To contribute, click here. This money goes directly to supporting pro-education, pro-labor candidates. It is your work in WEA-PAC that lays the foundation and will continue to allow us to be successful in years to come.  

Welcome to WEA-PAC!

WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association's political action committee. For the first time in recent history, WEA-PAC membership surpassed 42,000 members! That makes WEA-PAC the largest political action committee in the state.

Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. WEA-PAC makes recommendations in races for statewide, legislative and local candidates.

WEA-PAC recommends and elects pro-student, pro-union candidates – regardless of party affiliation. Candidates complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview with WEA-PAC members. Based on the questionnaire and interview, WEA-PAC members make a recommendation.

Together, we can help pro-public education, pro-labor candidates win the elected offices that affect our work and help our students!

Why should I join WEA-PAC?

Monica Stonier and WEA-PAC members
WEA-PAC members supporting fellow WEA member Monica Stonier as she runs for the state legislature.

When elected officials who are not supportive of public education and public educators are creating policies -- we can get stuck playing by their rules.

We can't change who is currently in the legislature or who is on your school board. But as members of WEA-PAC we can play a big role in determining who holds those elected offices.

Electing pro-public education, pro-union candidates helps us have pro-public education, pro-union policy makers that support things like fully funding education, smaller class sizes, professional and competitive wages, collective bargaining rights, affordable health care, common sense testing. 

For more information about WEA-PAC check out the resources below:

WEA-PAC One-Pager

WEA-PAC membership is a great way to stay engaged

Cyrus Habib
Lt. Governor candidate Cyrus Habib speaks to WEA-PAC members at the 2016 WEA-PAC endorsements convention.

Joining WEA-PAC and volunteering with your fellow WEA-PAC members is a great way to meet candidates and build relationships with people who create policies that affect our students and our jobs.

Building relationships with elected officials means we are more effectively able to share our concerns about the policies affecting our students and to advocate for the education profession.

You can also learn more about how politics may affect our work by following the OurVoice blog page, or by signing up to receive the blog posts and action alerts on the same page.

What is the NEA-FCPE?

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education is the political action committee of the National Education Association. The NEA-FCPE recommends and supports candidates who stand up for public education issues at the national level.  They endorse in races for office including: President, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatvies.  

You can sign up to participate in the NEA-FCPE when filling out your WEA-PAC form.  This contribution is only $1.00 a month.

WEA-PAC membership is up to us

Our PAC Board has a goal of reaching 45% membership this year. If each local increases by just 9 members that gets us to our statewide goal. If your local is already at or above 45% our goal is to increase that by 10% by asking your colleagues to join WEA-PAC.

Can you ask a colleague to join today? The WEA-PAC and NEA-FCPE forms are quick and easy to fill out. Forms are available from your association building representative or your local association office. You can also sign up using the links below.

WEA members can join by submtting a WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC.  

WEA-Retired, Higher Ed and Student WEA members can join here.

If you have questions, please contact WEA-PAC Coordinators Samantha Casne (253-765-7161) or Emily Hansen (206-412-4406). You can also email WEAPAC@washingtonea.org. 

WEA locals at 50+ percent WEA-PAC membership

Congratulations to the 94 locals who have 50 percent or higher WEA-PAC membership!  These locals are all over the state and include large urbans as well as small rural locals. Members statewide are supporting the mission of electing pro-public education, pro-union candidates to office. Check out the list of locals at 50 percent or higher in 2019 here.