What is WEA-PAC?

WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association’s political action committee. Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education candidates to office. WEA-PAC makes recommendations in races for statewide, legislative and local candidates.

Why should I join WEA-PAC?

Electing pro-education candidates helps us have pro-education policy makers, that support things like fully funding education, smaller class sizes, professional and competitive wages, collective bargaining rights, affordable health care, common sense testing. For more information about WEA-PAC check out the resources below:



WEA-PAC membership is a great way to stay engaged

The people we elect are part of the decision making regarding education proposals.

You can follow their actions and antics on the OurVoice blog page, or by signing up to receive the blog posts and action alerts on the same page.

Contribute to WEA-PAC online

You can now contribute to WEA-PAC online using a secure donation page! Or if you prefer, complete this membership form and make a lump sum contribution via check, cash, or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).

Our health care, collective bargaining and full funding for public schools are all up for debate in the 2014 legislative session. Investing in great WEA-PAC candidates this election just makes sense!

If you are already a WEA-PAC member you can click here to contribute.

WEA-PAC membership is up to us

Can you ask a colleague to join today? A WEA-PAC and NEA-FCPE form is quick and easy to fill out. Forms are available from your association building representative, your local association office or available below to print.

Print the WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC. Return it to your union building rep or mail it to: WEA-PAC, PO Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063-9100.

If you have questions, please e-mail WEA-PAC Coordinator Simone Boe or call her at 253-765-7100.

WEA locals at 50+ percent WEA-PAC membership

Congratulations to the 94 locals who have 50 percent or higher WEA-PAC membership!  These locals are all over the state and include large urbans as well as small rural locals. Members statewide are supporting the mission of electing pro-public education, pro-union candidates to office. Check out the list of locals at 50 percent or higher here.