A student holds a new raincoat.Winter weather is upon us and it's time to stay bundled up and warm. Unfortunately, there are some students who don't have the basics to keep themselves warm. Some are in need of clothing, school supplies, or other things we take for granted. If you are a WEA member and know of any child who is doing without, you can help by accessing up to $75 from the WEA Children's Fund. All requests are confidential. No child should do without.

Prior approval is required for reimbursement.  Approved requests will be reimbursed provided receipts are submitted within 30 days of your approval and adhere to the guidelines.


The goal of the WEA Children's Fund is to help meet the modest and immediate needs of students encountered by WEA members in their daily workplaces. The intent is to ensure that the physical, social and emotional needs of students do not stand in the way of success within the school setting.

In 2018, the WEA Children's Fund has helped over 1,000 students in Washington schools. It is because of generous donations that this program works. Throughout the year, contributions to WEA Children's Fund make it all possible. During this season of giving, please consider donating the money you already planned to give to charity this year to help out students in your district and in towns across Washington. Make an online tax-deductible gift or send your check to WEA Children's Fund, PO Box 9100, Federal Way WA 98063-9100. (Make your check payable to WEA Children's Fund.)

Also, did you know your United Way contributions can be designated to the WEA Children’s Fund?  Simply fill in "other" on the form then write in "WEA Children’s Fund," 91-1470555.

For more information e-mail  WEAChildrensFund@washingtonea.org