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Solidarity with Minneapolis educators

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red solidarity
WEA stands with Minneapolis educators

The Washington Education Association Board of Directors approved a resolution in support of striking educators in Minnesota at its March 4-5, 2022 meeting.

Whereas public education is one of most highly unionized professions in the US, and

Whereas contract negotiations that benefit workers in one union or one sector directly impact the bargaining power of other unions, in other sectors of employment, and

Whereas educators have a responsibility to model for students acts of struggle to demonstrate what it takes to achieve justice and equity, and

Whereas, redistribution of wealth and democratized workplaces will only be won through working class struggle and solidarity, and

Whereas school age students will face intractable problems due to climate change and increasing wealth inequality, and

Whereas all workers must stand together to overturn the damaging tenets of unregulated capitalism in order to dismantle white supremacy, end poverty and mitigate effects of climate change, and

Whereas the unions representing all education workers in the Twin-Cities have democratically voted to strike on March 8th to win a living wage for ESPs, mental health supports for students, and lower class sizes;

Therefore be it resolved that the WEA Board of Directors declares its support for the striking educators in the dual-affiliated NEA and AFT locals of  Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and, if the strike occurs for at least one school day, WEA will donate $5,000 each to the MFT and SPFE Strike Funds ($10,000 total) to demonstrate solidarity and support in their time of need.


  • Sign petition in support of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Educational Support Professionals (MFT59) to improve the educational environment for all students.
  • Donate to the MFT59 strike fund set up with Working Partnerships in Minneapolis.
  • Watch what MFT59 is fighting for and what all educators want: contract language on class size, caseloads, mental health supports for students, recruiting and retaining teachers of color and a living wage for education support professionals. 


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