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Our Votes Really DO Make a Difference

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Vote the Whole Ballot squareBallots are due in less than a week, and with 90,000 of us across the state, WEA members can make a difference in the outcome of the Nov. 8 general election – in close races, our votes could determine who wins or loses!

Click here to find the complete list of pro-public education, pro-labor, pro-student candidates and ballot measures, including a personalized voter guide just for WEA members.

Down-ballot decisions matter a lot in this election. State Senate and House elections will determine what happens during the 2017 legislative session, including whether the state fully funds smaller class sizes in EVERY grade level and professional, competitive compensation for ALL school employees.

Postmark your ballot or drop it off by Nov. 8, and remember, “Vote the Whole Ballot!”

Here’s a link to the WEA voter guide again.

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