Meridian STEM Training 2/21-22

Feb 21, 2020 4:30pm Clock Hours
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This workshop is designed to highlight and deep dive into the Science (NGSS), Technology (Washington State Standards), Mathematics (Common Core), and Engineering standards in order to have participants build and implement an integrated lesson with a minimum of two of the STEM components. Instructors will model and demonstrate how to build an authentic STEM experience for students and be delving into the standards in order to authentically design and implement a lesson with STEM. This workshop will include computer science, ELL, UDL, and game based learning components.

Participants will:
• Gain an understanding of the standards
• Understand how to integrate the standards with each other

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Location Details

Irene Reither Elementary
954 E. Hemmi Rd.
Everson, Washington 98247

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