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Certifcate expiration dates extended for one year for educators

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In response to COVID-19, the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) has extended the validity period on educator certificates expiring June 30, 2020 for one additional year. These certificates will now expire June 30, 2021.

This new deadline also applies to teachers who have moved here from other states, if their certificate's original deadline was also June 30, 2020.

This policy change is effective immediately.

Educators do not need to take any action in order to be granted this one year extension.

When applying to renew their certificate, educators will need to meet all renewal requirements for their specific certificate and role, including clock hours, or the equivalent in credits or professional growth plans (PGPs).

What certificates are included in this policy change?

This one year extension of expiration dates applies to residency, professional, initial, and continuing certificates for all roles, including teacher, administrator, career and technical education (CTE), and all educational staff associate (ESA) roles. This policy change is for certificates with an expiration date of June 30, 2020.

Individuals with certificates expiring June 30, 2020, who have already applied for certificate renewal will be granted the same one year extension on their renewed certificates.

Individuals with permits are eligible for one additional one-year permit, and would need to apply for that additional permit.

What certificates are not included in this policy change?

There is no change to the expiration date on limited certificates, including conditional certificates. Districts and individuals need to follow existing policy for reissuance of these certificates.

Educators with residency first issue (residency FI) certificates also still need to follow existing timelines to apply for reissuance. There are no clock hours required for reissuance of this certificate.

How can I get information about my certificate?

Educators can contact the OSPI certification office at or (360) 725-6400. Certificate information is also available online, and in individual eCertification accounts.

Questions on policy can be directed to PESB at

When can I renew my certificate?

Educators holding a certificate expiring June 30, 2020 who have met all certificate renewal requirements are encouraged to submit renewal applications now. Submitting a renewal application before the expiration date does not advance the expiration date of the next certificate.

Do I still need to meet the STEM certificate renewal requirement?

Yes. Educators who hold at least one STEM related endorsement, or a CTE teacher certificate, still need to meet the STEM certificate renewal requirement prior to the new expiration date of their certificate. Find out more about the STEM certificate renewal requirement

Do I still need to meet the suicide prevention training requirement?

Yes. School counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, and school social workers still need to meet the suicide prevention training requirement prior to the new expiration date of their certificate. 

These Educational Staff Associates (ESAs) must complete a PESB approved suicide prevention course, or a Department of Health (DOH) approved course, for certificate renewal. Find out more about suicide prevention training.

Can professional growth plans (PGPs) be completed when school is closed?

Yes. Through a PGP, an educator sets goals, develops an action plan, and collects evidence. As educational settings change throughout the year, an educator can reflect and modify their goals. Educators may set professional growth goals that do not require in-person instruction with students. For example, goals may relate to self-reflection, professional development, leadership, and other areas of the certification standards and benchmarks

PGPs are equivalent to 25 clock hours. PGPs may be completed between July 1 of one year, and June 30 of the next. These dates are not changing. Only one PGP may be completed per year. Find out more about PGPs.

Can clock hours be offered online?

Yes. Existing PESB policy allows for clock hour courses to be delivered in online and remote settings. Learn about guidance for offering clock hours online.

Additional guidance and resources

PESB has created a page on our website housing all press releases, guidance, and resources concerning the novel coronavirus outbreak. View our website.

Information compiled from the Professional Educator Standards Board Bulletin 02-2020

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