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Your union is your future

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When 30 or so Franklin Pierce educators met for a WEA union training on a recent Monday night, they ate pizza and discussed what makes a powerful local association.

“I’m proud to be involved. There’s a whole lot the union does,” said Lana Jones, a Franklin Pierce teacher. “All of the significant gains we’ve made for our students and ourselves have been because we have a strong union.”

Or, as another longtime WEA member said, “Your union is your protection -- and your future.”

The negotiated union contract ensures educators are treated fairly and consistently, she said -- and that security allows them to focus on their students.

Franklin Pierce Education Association President Pam Kruse said identifying respected school leaders and engaging her union’s nearly 600 members is essential at a time powerful corporate interests are trying to take away our freedom to negotiate fair pay.

Kruse said her union’s bargaining team is preparing for contract negotiations around professional, competitive pay increases. There’s a billion dollars in new state funding for educator salaries, and if educators fight for it, Kruse said significant pay raises are possible.

“I’m proud to be union,” Kruse said.

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